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HERE COME THE FIREWORKS! WHERE’S YOUR DOG? Linda Michaels, M.A. – Del Mar Dog Training

Every year many dogs suffer psychological trauma during the 4th of July fireworks, whereas, we humans are ecstatic over fireworks. Understanding your dog’s fearful behavior and what you can do at this stressful time of year is important for the emotional well-being of your pet.

Fireworks on the Lugano LakeInterestingly, one of the only innate fears humans have is a fear of  loud noises. We still “jump” and our bodies prepare to “fight or flight” (or freeze) when we become startled by a loud, erratically heard noise. The bright flashing light can contribute in part to your dogs fear, as well as the squeals of young children that may accompany the loud booms.Read more

2014 Sun, July 13th at Noon, Seaside: “Bow Wow Brunch and Learn” with Linda Michaels, M.A., — Del Mar Dog Training

Meet me at the beautiful ocean-view Hotel Indigo Del Mar, for Bow Wow Brunch Sunday at Noon, June 13th for my FREE talk about Dog Beach Behavior. Is it Safe? Safety Tips. Is My Dog Having Fun? Play Rules. Behavior Skills:  Learn how to teach a Long-Distance “Come” and teach your dog to Follow You!

710 Camino Del Mar, CA 92014

I’ll be speaking from Noon to 1pm with time for Q & A too.

The Doggie Menu is outstanding, including scrambled eggs and salmon, and the people menu is great as well. Bring your hungry dog and questions. Reservations not required, but recommended for patio seating.… Read more


Linda Michaels, M.A. Psychology, Del Mar Dog Training, serves clients in Del Mar and San Diego County from La Jolla to Carlsbad, plus Rancho Santa Fe, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. Linda Michaels was recently rated one of the top ten dog trainers in the United States, by Top Ten Magazine. Linda has a master’s degree in Experimental Psychology (Hons), and is the creator of the Hierarchy of Dog Needs™ (HDN). She focuses on the psychological aspects of dog behavior that often mirror human psychological conditions, such as: fear, separation/attachment disorders, and aggression toward humans and other dogs. She also teaches private, customized basic manners/obedience lessons for dogs of all ages and every breed.

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