Aggression and Fear: Behavioral Consultation

A New, All Positive and Effective course with Linda Michaels, M.A., Del Mar Dog Training, to address the more serious social issues. If you’ve been struggling with human or dog aggression on walks or at home, start treatment today to Take your dog beyond Fear, Aggression and Reactivity — FAR Beyond Licensed Training. As we now know, most Aggression is based in underlying Fear. These techniques also work for Fearful dogs. No Shock, No Prong, No Choke.

  • Specifically designed to be extremely easy for your dog, and easy for you.
  • Desensitize your dog to triggers.
  • Stop your dog from over-reacting with Force-free/Pain Free methods.
  • Bite Expert, Cara Shannon JD-developed training program.
  • 4 Private (1.5 hr) and 1 Field (1.5 hr) Sessions.
  • Requires a commitment to the process.

Cost: $880

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You will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule a start date.


Important Note: If your dog displays human aggression with a bite history, or dog/dog-aggression with a bite history, a preliminary Intake Assessment is required before beginning the FAR Beyond course.

Cost: $90

Sign up for an Intake Assessment here: PayPal

A questionnaire will be emailed to you today and will lead to a customized FAR Beyond plan.

Intake Assessment $90.00 USD

To pay with credit card, Press “Buy Now” and choose the “Don’t have a paypal account” link on the bottom of the screen.

Testimonial: I wanted to extend a THANK YOU. We’ve heeded all of your wonderful advice. Our older husky and Lakota get along much better now. They actually play and chase each other in a playful, non-aggressive manner around the backyard. They hang out indoors together. shutterstock_13542967Lakota is more cautious and respectful around the older dogs about their space and privacy. Best of all, I’m no longer sleeping on the couch! Last week Lakota started spending the evenings in our bedroom along with our older dogs and he’s been quite peaceful and they’ve been content with no issues.He gets along wonderful with other dogs. He’s turned out to be an excellent dog, and with your advice, and our patience, we’ve overcome and helped him become a great animal. He’s very intelligent and has learned that he has found his forever home.Best wishes. We can’t thank you enough!~ Lanette and Frank Fieser, Beverly Hills, CA

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