Being Nice to Your Dog is Good Science! Del Mar Dog Training

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This is an excerpt from Linda’s book, Do No Harm™ Dog Training and Behavior Manual, available to download here.

Congratulations on making the commitment to enhance your relationship with your canine companion and best friend through training! In order to communicate effectively with your dog, it is important to build a foundation of benevolent leadership, good management, and dog-friendly training. Dogs are an unparalleled gift to humankind and to each one of us personally. It’s our job to love them, to care for them, and to teach them.

Science Knows Best

All living things thrive on positive feedback – people, dolphins, and very importantly, your dog! Do No Harm training for companion animals is fast becoming the preferred method of dog training. One of non-aversive dog training’s most prominent peer-reviewed publications, The Journal of Veterinary Behavior (2006) in their article, “Good Trainers: How to Identify One”, recommends dog-friendly dog training because it is the most effective, humane, and leads to the lasting behavior you’ve been working so hard to achieve with your dog. Positive training does not mean permissive, however, so remember to set some household rules, draw boundaries, establish routines, and make it all doable for your dog by being consistent. Science has demonstrated that positive reward dog training is preferable to the outdated dominance model of dog training that may cause your dog irreversible psychological harm.

Learn more about pet parent problem-solving, teaching classes, and private consultations in the Do No Harm Dog Training Manual.

Dog Training Manual Do No Harm Force Free Positive tranier san diego del marThe Do No Harm™ Dog Training Manual was designed as my own personal guide for teaching basic manners classes, and evolved into a reference manual for my private behavior consultations. Created as a practical guide for either or both training formats, it is also helpful for pet parents who want an inside look at dog training and behavior, as well as for those who seek force-free solutions for specific problems. Written with love for the “heartbeats at our feet”. You can purchase and download the PDF ebook dog training manual here.

Linda Michaels,  M.A./Psychology a Top Ten Rated U.S. Dog Trainer  may be reached at 858.259.WOOF (9663) or by email: for private manners/obedience instruction and behavioral consultations near Del Mar and the San Diego Coast. Please visit us at Do No Harm Dog Training  All rights reserved.


Linda Michaels, M.A. Psychology, Del Mar Dog Training, serves clients in Del Mar and San Diego County from La Jolla to Carlsbad, plus Rancho Santa Fe, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. Linda Michaels was recently rated one of the top ten dog trainers in the United States, by Top Ten Magazine. Linda has a master’s degree in Experimental Psychology (Hons), and is the creator of the Hierarchy of Dog Needs™ (HDN). She focuses on the psychological aspects of dog behavior that often mirror human psychological conditions, such as: fear, separation/attachment disorders, and aggression toward humans and other dogs. She also teaches private, customized basic manners/obedience lessons for dogs of all ages and every breed.

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