Overnight Pet Training

Overnight Pet Sitting Pet Sitting

If you want Overnight Training-oriented Dog and House Sitting, this service is for you. Linda multi-tasks providing loving pet sitting with behavior modification. A popular specialty service: Overnight Pet Sitting/Training is offered to clients whose dogs have completed a private course with Linda Michaels, M.A., — Del Mar Dog Training in the following areas: Del Mar, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, Southern Encinitas, Carmel Valley, Torrey Pines, Torrey Hills, Fairbanks Ranch, and Cardiff by the Sea.

Your dog is generally much more comfortable remaining in her/his familiar surroundings, maintaining regular routines. Boarding dogs often creates problems.

3-night Minimum Stay

We provide a truly special pet sitting service that includes:

  • House sitting
  • Companionship for your dog with not more than 5 hours of alone time each day
  • A fully insured professional
  • Professional “spot” training while you are away
  • Maintenance of already learned behaviors
  • Trouble-shooting behavioral issues
  • Email reports of our activities and progress if desired

Cost: $125/night for one dog — $150/night for two dogs or one dog and one cat — $175/night for three animals.

Live-in Training

Proper training of a new puppy in order to avoid problems in adolescence and adulthood can be a big job! Our Live-in Training program is the most efficient way to train your dog. Our obedience training program, a 2 – 3 week commitment, teaches all the puppy basics plus more, and applies those skills as quickly as possible to everyday living situations in your home.

This unique service provides professional training for your dog in the ideal learning environment of your home, at your convenience, whether it’s while you are away on vacation or business or while you are at home.

This service is perfect for people who want a puppy in the family but who may not have the time necessary to train a puppy.

Live-in Training teaches your puppy everything she will need to become a well- mannered member of the family. Here’s the plan:

  • Basic Puppy and Obedience Training
  • House Training
  • Overnight Crate Training Includes Separation Anxiety issue prevention
  • Handling and Puppy-Calming Techniques
  • No Bite to People
  • No Resource Guarding from People
  • Chew Toy Training. Teach your pup to chew on appropriate toys that belong to him.
  • Four 10-Minute Obedience Training Sessions Per Day. Your dog will learn Sit, Sit for Greetings, Down, Come, and Stay/Wait, plus some doggy tricks upon request.
  • Socialization Field Trips Every Other Day. This is where your dog will practice Socialization Skills with other people and other dogs. Your dog needs these frequent positive socialization opportunities to grow into a well-mannered adolescent dog. Insufficient socialization often results in serious behavioral problems in the adult dog. With your explicit permission, and depending on the age and vaccination schedule of your dog, Socialization Field Trips may include: AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy obedience class, veterinarian appointments, groomer appointments, puppy dog park or dog beach, pet stores, cafés, obedience on-the-town, and running errands. You or your child may accompany us on some of these trips and are encouraged to do so if possible. Field Trips may constitute some of the exercise time detailed below, depending on the nature of our Field Trip.
  • Exercise and Play
    • Fetch, how to play it and bring the ball back to you! (time permitting)
    • Beginners Agility, if desired, exercises appropriate for a young puppy
    • Leash–Walking Technique. Most often, leash-walking is a skill that requires training and is frequently a problem area for pet parents. Let us get your dog off on the right paw. Loose leash-walking is taught in three stages – beginning, intermediate and advanced – all with the use of a collar and harness. No choke, prong, or electronic collars are used in training. Please refer to the Journal of Veterinary Behavior (2006) article, “Good trainers: How to find one,” Vol. 1(1), for veterinary recommendations that fully support this position.
    • Family Lessons. Meetings with family members are recommended to demonstrate your dog’s skills and to teach the family how to practice and maintain the behaviors for a lifetime of harmony with your dog. One 2-hour lesson per week, or upon the family’s return home, is included. Everyone in the family is encouraged to get involved in training as their schedules may permit.
    • Written Reports. One written formal training and activities report per week will be provided, detailing our progress.
    • Sleeping and feeding arrangements for your puppy are part of our planning program.

    If you will not be home during training, a guest bedroom will do well for accommodations.

    If you will be home during training, guest-house accommodations for 2-3 weeks are preferred. If the family is home, training is best accomplished while family members continue their regular activities.

    Your puppy or dog won’t be left alone for more than 3-4 hours per day, depending on your puppy’s maturity and house-training progress. Linda may go out to teach a private lesson or to teach a class; however, most of her time will be spent at your home.

    Your puppy will experience many short training sessions every day – the optimal method of training for every dog.

    Although Linda is a doting trainer, she requires a degree of privacy and time for herself. Time other than that scheduled above is considered her own.

    Please feel free to cal 858.259.9663  or contact Linda by email lindapositively@gmail.com for further details.

    Cost: $225/night per one puppy or new-to-you dog. May travel to cities outside of the San Diego area for select clients and additional fees.